I desire a gem code for the Month of November no longer the weekly ones from the toolbar.

solution by using xRenesmee Cullen
the only gem codes for oW are from the toolbar
My website online:
has the weekly gem code and the brand new updates prior to they come out
test it out :)
And apply too plz

i would like these gem codes guys. and i need person who works… please assist me [: add me on ourWorld if ur a excessive level (26 or higher) or a resident. my identify is Julie112696 degree forty one

answer by way of Lydia
i hav one its 3621-255C-D0C2-6CB1 and u get 10 gemstones

resolution by way of nameless
she already mentioned the gem code.. there is only one.. the next code will likely be on tuesday. should you wanna add me, my identify in ow is faiien. ;]